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01.02.2024 15:12

A magnet for tourists = a godsend for investors.

A magnet for tourists = a godsend for investors.

The attractiveness of Thailand for investment.

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire world. Tourists come to the kingdom all year round, as there are no such concepts as seasonality. From October to May there is an influx of tourists from the CIS countries, Europe and America, and the rest of the time the country is filled with crowds of tourists from China and Southeast Asia.

Tourists from China especially like to visit Thailand due to its proximity. And tourists are grateful for shopping and luxury apartments.

Tourist flow.

In 2023, Phuket alone, the most popular resort, received 10 million visitors, and the Thai Ministry of Tourism forecasts that the 14 million annual mark will be exceeded in 2024.

This popularity is explained by the country’s pleasant climate, low food prices, the diversity of Thai nature, the always warm sea and a huge selection of entertainment and cultural events.

Sales activity

Thailand, with its constant influx of tourists, is simply a godsend for an investor!

In 2023, 10.7 thousand properties worth $1.5 billion were sold over two quarters. Among buyers of real estate in residential complexes, almost 10% were Russian investors.

Everything for business

Thailand is attractive for investment due to its favorable policy for the protection of foreign capital. It is easy to do business here, taxes are minimal compared to European countries, where the income tax rate reaches 50%, and the currency in Thailand is stable.

Quality of development

In the Thai real estate market, you rarely encounter unscrupulous developers. Project delivery deadlines are almost always met and objects are delivered on time. Construction here is treated scrupulously and conscientiously - there are no defects.

Yes, it cannot be said that Thailand lives without shocks and crises, but the kingdom’s policy invariably demonstrates the ability to find a way to minimize economic losses or quickly compensate for them.

As a result, we understand that tourism generates demand for rental housing, not only among tourists, but also from those who work in the tourism business and related segments. The tourism business in Thailand is the driving force behind the development of the island and thereby being attractive for investment.