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27.12.2023 13:20

Buying a property in Thailand: a remote transaction.

Buying a property in Thailand: a remote transaction.

Selection of object

We select several objects, for example, in Phuket, that fit your criteria and provide complete information on them: registration methods, payment schedule, additional costs, for example, such as: furniture package, taxes, utility bills, etc.

Negotiations with the seller

After selecting one or more objects, we organize a video conference for you at the developer’s office with his representative. We will also help you agree on the most favorable terms of the transaction.

Rawing up a reservation agreement

After selecting a specific property and agreeing on the terms of purchase, it is necessary to sign a reservation agreement so that the developer will remove it from sale. You will need a copy of your passport, email, phone number and postal address.

Reservation payment

Along with the reservation agreement, the developer sends you an invoice for payment of the deposit.

Main contract

After paying the deposit, the developer’s lawyers prepare the main contract and send it to you for approval by email. You study it and make changes if necessary.

Payment under the contract

Payment is made based on the contract from your account from anywhere in the world according to the agreed payment schedule.


Upon completion of construction, the developer sends you an invitation to accept the apartment or villa. If you cannot fly, we will carry out the reception on your behalf.

Registration of a transaction

As a rule, our clients fly to the island to sign a power of attorney for a lawyer who, on their behalf, registers the transaction with the land committee. But it is possible to register remotely by providing a power of attorney in the form of the land committee, certified by a notary.

The only thing that can only be done personally is to open a bank account in a Thai bank to receive rental income.